Committee on Corrosion and Protection

The society of materials science, Japan (JSMS) Committee on Corrosion and Protection was founded in 1961, to share corrosion knowledge and expertise among the members. Since then, the committee has organized many activities that support the development of corrosion technology. The committee involves in every industry and area of corrosion and protection. Currently, the committee consists of more than 100 members, including university, private companies and national institutes. The committee organized regular meeting every two months, where the comprehensive lectures on specific theme are given. The research meetings are sessions to discuss about the latest corrosion knowledge and techniques. Since the committee established, it has organized 260 regular meetings and 56 research meetings so far. The committee also publishes unique textbooks and handbooks on corrosion science and technology.

Main Activities

Committee on
Corrosion and ProtectionThe Society of Materials
Science, Japan (JSMS)

Hiroyuki INOUE
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Graduate School of Engineering,
Osaka Metropolitan University
1-1 Gakuen-cho, Nakaku, Sakai, Osaka,
599-8531 JAPAN